Tuesday, 18 November 1997:

Random Status Stuff

Work has been going better lately. I finished up my last project for this development cycle a few days early, and have spent much of the last few work days testing other peoples' projects, finding some of the problems, and moving them on when they looked good to me.

Today when I finished coding that last project, I sat back and thought, "I don't want to test this." It was a real pain to figure out how to code, and when I was done I realized it would be a real bear to test, and if something didn't work it would really suck to track it down. Of course, I had no choice, so I started cranking through it. Happily, it was about 90% correct, and the main problems came from small misunderstandings of the code I was building on. Phew!

I'm preparing for my trip. I finally bought a garment bag for those rare times I need to bring formal clothes with me. I'm still hunting around for some new winter shirts, and have not had a lot of luck in finding ones I like. Maybe I'll try again in Boston. I'm also planning to get together with a friend for dinner next week, so I dropped him e-mail about the plans. We had a great time going to see the Red Sox and kicking around Boston last July, so I'm looking forward to seeing him.

I've been following baseball's expansion draft tonight. I'm a little miffed that the Sox lost young pitcher Jeff Suppan, but I wonder if he has some unpublicized injury problems. We'll see. Many of us on the Red Sox Mailing List are getting a bit down about how General Manager Dan Duquette is running the club. He seems too impersonal, seems to be alienating many of the players (and not just Sox players!), and seems to be making a number of wacky decisions lately. It's very strange.

Have I mentioned here how honked off I am at the Milwaukee Brewers moving to the National League? I plan to boycott them from now on; Bud Selig has finally pushed me over the edge. I really wish he would just leave baseball altogether; I dislike almost everything he stands for in the game.

I've had a hankering for ice cream tonight, but I'm resisting. Not that I'm doing much productive with my evening, but hey, who says every evening has to be productive?

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