Sunday, 16 November 1997:

Around Here, The Cleaning Never Ends

It just gets put on hold for a month or two at a time.

Today I cleaned the bathroom mirror; cleaned both the bathroom sink and counter, and the kitchen sink; vacuumed the carpets; carried in the chairs from my porch for the winter; bundled by the newspapers (5 grocery bags' worth) and magazines (a stack 18 inches high) and took them to the trash; threw out and filed away a lot of loose papers, and did a load of laundry. I even wiped the raised counter around the kitchen and made some incense stands out of tinfoil. (They're not really stands; just a place for the ashes to fall.)

A pretty productive day. That means all I want to do before I leave for vacation is mop the linoleum floor. Not bad for a day's work.

And the vacuuming seems to have gotten rid of the burned milk smell. Phew!

Ceej suggested I download a Mac game called Escape Velocity from Ambrosia Software. I played it for a while today. It's mainly a trading game, it seems, with some combat options. I've been kind of a weenie about the combat part, and I suspect that's why I found the game a bit tedious. Maybe if I go out to blow some things away I'll enjoy it more.

Yeah, yeah; I said I wasn't going to play any more computer games. So sue me.

I'm about 3/5s of the way through Jumper. It's a pretty raw book, as its protagonist goes through a whole gamut of pretty rough emotions for the first time. Gould does a good job of writing about it; I know this because I'm feeling pretty wound up after reading the last 80 pages. Kind of drained, actually.

I think that's why I feel in kind of a bad mood tonight. Well, back to work tomorrow!

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