Wednesday, 19 November 1997:

A Little Pre-Trip Stress

Just when I thought I was just about done with everything for this development cycle at work, I had a big project dropped on me today to programmer test. Aack! I got a good start on it today, and will spend pretty much all day on it tomorrow, I expect. I hope I can get it done; since I'm heading out of town on Saturday morning, my evenings this week are pretty busy, so I can't stay real late at work.

Still, I've gotten a lot of solid work done this week, and I'm pretty proud of that.

My low-level cold-thing is getting better; my throat isn't bothering me at all, although my sinuses are still kind of weird. But a few people at work have gotten sicker than me; one guy sounded really very bad today, and I was a bit surprised that he hadn't gone home. I hope I don't catch any of that stuff right before my vacation! I wonder if they were among those who didn't go for the free flu shots earlier this fall? (Did you know that the flu is spread from chickens by way of pigs? Aack!)

I'm ruminating about what to wear to my high school reunion. I have no fashion sense; zippo. And not much interest in developing one, either. So I typically wear bland jeans-and-polo-shirt affairs, which is not really appropriate here. I also have a standard navy blue suit, which I'd rather avoid, too, since I hate ties. But the in-between stuff continues to stump me. I just can't buy a "business casual" wardrobe. Perhaps because I think that the very idea of "business casual" is just stupid stupid stupid. Yes, we'll let you avoid looking sharp without actually making you comfortable. Sheesh!

Anyway, I may make some last-ditch effort to find something decent, but probably I'll wear whatever slacks I can scrounge up along with a sweater.

I spent some time tonight at the weekly SF3 social event, which was small, but fun. One guy regaled us with the tale of his first Worldcon, back in 1969 (when I was - I guess - 7 months old). It's pretty cold out there tonight, so I got a lift home, and I lent my copy of Contact to the woman who gave me the lift, so she can read it for our book discussion next month.

And now, I must go take care of more of that stuff I need to do before my trip, so I'm outta here!

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