Wednesday, 27 August 1997:

Off to Worldcon

When I was younger, I used to say "I'm off" as I headed out the door. My Mom's standard response was, "I know." It took me years to figure out I was being dissed; I can be really slow sometimes!

You know, there are a lot of really great comic books being published out there today. Here's what I picked up this evening:

  1. Amanda and Gunn #1-3: A charming serious about a young woman with a mental link to a hi-tech, sentient gun. She gave up superheroing a few years ago and moved to Montana, but mysterious murders force her back into action. Amanda is black, and apparently gay as well, and the implications of a superpowered black woman in a small, rural town are the centerpiece of the book.
  2. Buck Godot: Zap Gun For Hire #7: Brilliantly wacky artist Phil Foglio is at it again after a long hiatus with his hilarious and innovative science fiction adventure.
  3. JLA #11: Grant Morrison's revamp of DC's Justice League is IMO the most successful so far; it somehow captures the feel of the 1960s series without any of the naivete.
  4. Mage: The Hero Defined #2: Matt Wagner's modern-day King Arthur is a tough guy with a baseball bat, seeking out and destroying remnants of evil as he finds them in today's world. Great artwork.
  5. Thieves & Kings #17-18: I've mentioned this before; it's still a charming, inventive, and well-drawn fantasy tale with a couple of teenagers (real teenagers, not superheroic-adults-in-teenaged-bodies) in starring roles.
All five of these are top-notch winners, and only JLA is really a superhero book (Amanda and Gunn uses it as a backdrop, but has other fish to fry). I'd recommend 'em to anyone.

Well, tomorrow I leave for Worldcon, for five-or-so days of science fiction, hanging out with friends, and meeting a few other on-line diarists. It should be strange; I've even been recruited to write for the at-the-con newsletter (what I'll end up writing, I have no idea!).

Speaking of which, I'm behind on cleaning and packing, so I'd best cut this short. I'll be incommunicado until I get back, so look for something new on Monday or Tuesday!

See ya!

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