Tuesday, 26 August 1997:

For Real

Today I biked into work for real. I left about 8 am, stopped off at the bank on the way, and then yonked up the hill. I walked that last hill up to Epic itself; no sense in killing myself. A woman at work who bikes from about the same area I do, and who's been doing it for a while, says she usually walks it, too, so I didn't feel so wimpy. I also didn't need to rest as much as Sunday; amazing what just a little bit of exercise will do for you! Altogether it took about 45 minutes to get there. When I get in better shape, it may only take 25-30 minutes.

One thing it definitely did for me was ramp up my appetite (not to imply that I have any idea what the phrase "ramp up" really means!). But at least I didn't go and eat two chili dogs and a sundae afterwards, like I did on Sunday!

The trip back home is such a breeze. I have to tackle that one big hill as soon as I leave, but I biked right up it with little trouble. Then it's downhill nearly the whole way, save for one smallish hill about 2/3 of the way. Whee! Those hills are steep enough that I actually put on the brakes for fear of losing control.

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm pretty proud of myself! Of course, now I'm about to go on vacation for six days, and we'll see how well I do when I get back.

At work today I finished up several outstanding tasks - it's always a good trick to find something to do just before going on vacation. Often I find myself at relative loose ends for a day or two. I've spent part of the last few days making enhancements (mostly speed enhancements) to the system we use internally to track, log, and describe our development projects.

I ended up inheriting responsibility for this system when I asked the last responsible person too many questions about it. (Grin!) It's actually been one of the more-fun things I've worked on while there. I do many enhancements for the quality assurance (QA) and documentation staff; I like to joke that I'm currying favor with the least-powerful people in the company. (Of course, power isn't everything; it's nice to have the goodwill of the people who are most likely to come ask you questions!)

I also talked to my Dad on the phone tonight. He's doing pretty well, albeit with some recent car problems. I'm going to look for some SF books for him at Worldcon. Apparently my grandmother turned 92 today; her sister is nearly 97. Pretty amazing!

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