Wednesday, 20 August 1997:


Today my boss came in and asked if I'd have the project I was working on (a late project to fix some strangeness in a recently-completed large module) finished today. It turns out his idea of when it needed to be done was a few days' different from mine. I said I didn't know, because I didn't know just how complex it would be, because I had to work with some rather complex code I'd never worked with before. (Turns out it was pretty complex, and did not get done today. I'd planned all along to have it done by the end of the week.)

Projects take as long as they take, and planning needs to work around that, not vice-versa. It all comes down to: Do you want it completed by the deadline, or do you want it to be of good quality? The only way to get both, is to set the deadline appropriately.

My friend Karen had her Ph.D. preliminary exam today, which she passed. I guess she's had a really harrowing week since I picked her up at the bus station Saturday, which is understandable. She'd asked me a while ago to reserve this evening to celebrate.

But I hadn't heard from her since Saturday. I tried calling her at work and at home, and never reached her. And I sent e-mail and never got a response, yesterday or today. Finally, she called me around 9 pm to say that she'd been very busy and out-of-sorts because of it, and that her plans tonight had changed because her advisor took her and another of his students who prelim'ed today out to dinner. And she's leaving tomorrow to go back to New York until sometime in September.

All of which is fine, but it's a real drag for me, especially since basically the same thing happened the last time she was in town. So I'm feeling pretty down tonight about all that. I wish she'd just dropped me e-mail and let me know, so I didn't spend the whole evening waiting around to hear what's up.

Even when I try to have a social life I don't have much of a social life. Which I guess is why I don't really try much anymore.

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