Tuesday, 19 August 1997:

Protecting My Noggin

This was one of those days at work when I felt like I did a lot of rushing around but didn't get a whole lot done. Ah, well.

It's also still quite cold today. Global warming, my posterior!

I'm working my way up to biking the 4 miles to work. Yeah, I know, I'm a wimp. I haven't done much serious biking in several years, and I'm pretty well out-of-shape. Plus, there are a few huge hills between here and there. I've scoped out alternate routes, and there's just no getting around at least two of them (especially since me place-du-employment is on top of one of them). I'm actually a lot more concerned about dragging myself out of bed early enough to do the bike ride; I'm pretty sure I can deal with the distance if I take it easy.

So anyway, on my way home I stopped and bought a bike helmet. For some reason, I've resisted wearing the thing for years, and I still feel comfortable not wearing one while on a bike path. But cruising the roads to work, that's a different matter. I'm a big proponent of seatbelts in cars (when people ride in my car I make everyone wear them, on the pretext that if we have an accident I'd rather not have their spleen dancing around on my dashboard), so I figured I ought to wear a helmet.

Afterwards, I picked up the latest issue of one of the APAs I'm in. It's an okay issue, but seemed skimpier than usual. Probably just summer lassitude.

Pretty quiet day, all told. I'm more cognizant of how 'exciting' my days are now that I'm writing this journal. Overall I know they're not exactly riveting - I'm a pretty even person in both temperament and activity - but I know some people are actually reading, so I guess they're not a complete snooze-fest!

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