Monday, 24 November 1997:

Just Lying Around

It's not surprising, I guess, that returning to my Mom's house - where I grew up and where she's lived for 25 years - bring back memories both pleasant and melancholy. I had a lot of good times here, and I do rather miss them. I suspect that most people do not regret becoming adults, since I think most people chafed under the constraints of being a kid. But in many ways I rather liked it.

Of course, last summer I moved the last of my stuff out of her house. My bedroom is still there, but without much of me in it. The two bookcases in there are filled with some of my Mom's stuff, and some stuff I decided to leave behind (which I guess I could just throw out). So all I've got are the clothes and books I brought with me.

My Mom's cats are still here. She got them when I was a freshman in college, when our last cat died (our dog died not long thereafter). So they're ten years old, and William is certainly showing it, as he has had some serious health problems in the last two years, and is now very thin. He does seem to be happy and reasonably healthy right now, however. Mom's cats are not as affectionate as mine are, so I don't have a furball on my lap as I read during the day. Ah, well. William does have a lovely purr, however.

I've been spending much of my spare time reading. I finished Steven Gould's Jumper, which is quite good, although he maintains a high level of tension throughout the book, which sometimes made it hard to keep going. I'm working on his latest novel, Wild Side, which is similar in its tone. Both novels feature 18-year-old protagonists, which is unusual, but he handles it well. Jumper, as I've said, is about a man who can teleport. Wild Side is about a man who has a gateway to another universe in his backyard.

In between I read Jack McDevitt's A Talent For War, which is a space opera of a sort I really like, involving larger-than-life characters who turn the tide of history. Of course, by the start of the book, all those character are dead, which is what makes it interesting. I recommend this one, if you can find it.

Today I trekked downtown to check out the book, comic and CD stores. I didn't buy a whole lot. CD prices here are ridiculous; $14.99 is a typical price for a single CD! I pay $12.99 only reluctantly in Madison, knowing that if I search I can usually find it cheaper. I might nonetheless plunk down some bucks for some Steeleye Span albums, and what looks like the new Renaissance album, as well.

I didn't find much in the book department that I wanted, but my "threshold" for books I'll buy is very high right now; I have so many to read, that a book has to really excite me for me to buy it. However, I did make some progress in finding the now-out-of-print Marvel Masterworks hardcover comic book reprint collections. I hear some of them will soon be reissued; hopefully all the ones I need!

So I've been having a relaxing time, which is just what the doctor ordered. The best thing about a vacation is that you go away somewhere and therefore you can't worry about all those little projects you have to do at home. Because you won't be able to do them for a week! So I can just sit around, read, sleep late, shop, and so forth.

In fact, I don't even check my e-mail regularly, so I don't have that particular sword hanging over my head.

Speaking of which, I think I'll go back to Wild Side. Seeya in a few days!

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