Thursday, 13 November 1997:


We had a lively and spirited discussion of Gibbon's Decline and Fall tonight. Some of us felt that the backdrop she created was rather implausible, while other thought it was very plausible, if not already in existence. (I mostly objected to the shallow nature of the antagonists.) We argued about the various choices for the future of humanity offered to the main character, and the fantasy aspects of the book (which I rather wish had been thrown out), and so forth. It was one of our better discussions; often, we either all like or all dislike a book, or feel rather unenthusiastic about it one way or the other. That doesn't make for a good discussion.

Not a whole lot else happened today. I'm nearing the point I wanted to be at at work at the end of the week, but I need to wait for some other folks to complete their project before I can make those last few steps. Tomorrow, I hope. I'm really looking forward to the weekend, and hopefully shaking this cold-or-whatever-it-is, which is annoying my with the dry throat it's given me.

I need to write an APAzine for Saturday - probably I'll write it on Saturday - and I want to start reading Steven Gould's Jumper. And if I have some spare time I'll maybe do some writing of my own fiction.

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