Monday, 3 November 1997:

A Flurry of Slothfulness

Although there was nothing in yesterday's article to suggest it, I actually had a pretty good weekend. I mostly was a sloth, with the extent of my activity being to write and photocopy an APAzine, buy some milk (I've been seduced by the Ghirardelli hot chocolate side of the Force), and do some reading downtown. This was not a high-powered weekend.

Sunday I spent much of the day working on that APAzine, and playing Riven. I've made substantial progress, but now I've gotten to a point where I feel that I'm stuck - just after I'd solved what I'd figured was the biggest puzzle! Argh! Well, I'll keep hammering away at it, but tonight's the one night I haven't made real progress.

Ceej started playing Riven about the same time as I, last week, and during much of Sunday we passed messages back and forth about our progress. Last night, I was a little ahead of her; by now, she may have caught up. It's been a fun thing.

Tonight I was a pig and ordered a pizza for dinner. I just looked at all the stuff I have to eat and said, "Naaahhh." Actually, in retrospect I hardly ate anything this past weekend, so I guess it's okay.

I also updated the WisCon web page, which was in dire need of updating since we've got a lot of info available about the con now. It's a feminist SF convention right here in Madison, and it's a good one.

Earlier today I received a shipment from Lands' End with a new shirt and a new bathrobe. You know your bathrobe has reached the end of the line when the baby pins aren't doing the job of holding the sash loops on anymore! I decided to trade in my white robe for a dark green one. I mostly dress in dark color shades (although not usually black), not to be trendy or anything but because those are the colors I prefer.

It must be said that the first time you wash a terrycloth bathrobe you end up with a lot of stuff in your lint trap.

You know, "flurry" is a funny word. Say it. Think about it. Who would invent such a word? "Struggle" is funny, too. "Struggle. Struggle-wuggle-uggle." Sounds like a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon.

Late breaking news: I finally got over the hump in Riven that I was stuck on tonight, and now things are really moving. I think I'm very close to the end now. As with MYST, it looks like I'll have some winning choices and some losing choices. We'll see. (Part of the fun, of course, is trying out all the choices!)

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