Thursday, 30 October 1997:

Healthy Cats

This morning I took my cats, Jefferson and Newton, to the vet for their annual checkup. They go in separate carrying cases, and they meowed the whole way! Poor guys.

The vet said they look healthy. Jefferson needs to lose a little weight (he's 14-1/2 pounds), while Newton (10 pounds) looks fine. Both have a little gingivitis, so I need to brush their teeth more often (or else get them to use Listerine). The vet said they're two of the most relaxed cats they've had. This was probably their most comfortable visit, as they set on my lap some and their tails weren't down at ground level the whole time.

They both climbed into the same carrying case when it was time to go, so I let them stay that way on the way home, and they hardly meowed at all! I guess being together helped them be less afraid, or concerned, or whatever. They're brothers, and are pretty close to each other (and to me).

Cats are great!

Someone at work read my whole journal today. The http log showed the hits from our firewall. I wonder who it was? Unfortunately, there's no way to tell unless they tell me.

Riven is progressing. I'm going to keep my discussions spoiler-free as much as I can. I'll warn you if I decide otherwise.

I may be better at these games than I think I am. After yesterday, I was concerned that I'd gotten stuck in several different places (Riven allows you to fan out and play non-linearly to some extent). However, when I sat down and thought about it, I realized there was one thing I hadn't tried, and lo and behold, it opened up some new avenues! And then I went to another area, and looked at what was there, and said, "Wai-it a moment, why are things set up this way? Usually this situation works that other way!" So I tried something, and opened up two more avenues of exploration! And one of those quickly led to several more approaches!

There's still a lot to figure out - some of it I just haven't had time yet, some I think I lack proper clues for, and some may be red herrings. (I hope the game isn't going to force me to decipher a whole frikking 24-character alphabet!)

I am still a little disappointed at the paucity of music so far, although I have gone to a couple of areas and just sat there to listen to the soundtrack play itself out. (I own the MYST soundtrack CD, and I can see I'll need the Riven one, too.) But I've found more of the backstory of the game, which alleviates my other concern from yesterday. I shoulda been more trusting!

Required reading for people who enjoy games like Riven: Metamagical Themas, by Douglas Hofstadter, and Games for the Super-Intelligent (two volumes) by James Fixx (yeah, the guy who wrote The Complete Book of Running).

It took me ten minutes to write this. Good thing, too, since it's past my bedtime. I may be a slow reader, but I'm a pretty fast typist! I hope this bodes well for writing an APAzine this weekend.

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