Tuesday, 12 August 1997:


Well, I took the bread I baked yesterday to the office, and it got good reviews from my cow-orkers. My boss (who is quite a card) looked at it and said, "That even looked home-made!"

Work today seemed like one endless stream of e-mail. We're reaching the moment of truth in our current release (i.e., the point where we'll actually release it) so the documenters are trying to clarify things for their own purposes, and we ended up going over things that I'd coded six months ago, but which are now changing subtly. It's hard to remember something you did in a big hurry six months ago and have barely looked at since! But you can easily spend hours answering e-mail and hunting down answers to questions and pretty soon the whole work day is gone.

Of course, when the work day is gone then it's time to go home, and that's usually a good thing!

I must confess that I am a Magic junkie. Some friends suckered me into it two years ago, shortly after my break-up with my last girlfriend, and I decided it was pretty cool and started buying cards. (For those who don't know, Magic is a "collectable card game"; you want to buy more cards so you can customize your decks, the better to stomp your opponents into the ground.) I've now got several pretty decent decks, and a whole bunch of cards I never use.

We just play among friends, so we don't bother with tournament rules, except for a few to keep things from getting too unbalanced. We just play to have fun, and try not to build decks which can crush any other deck instantly; what fun is that?

Anyway, so we got together to play tonight, and I had an unusually good night. First I won two-out-of-three 1-on-1 games with a deck I hadn't played before. Then I one a hard-fought three-person game. I hardly ever win the multi-person free-for-alls because everyone seems to gang up on me (my decks are pretty good, as I said, but I don't think I play them very well; in the hands of an expert they're a lot deadlier). But overall it was a good night.

Speaking of games, I'm also in a fantasy baseball league, and we get our interim results every Tuesday. I've opened up a pretty nice lead over the second-place team (out of ten) this year, and I'm hoping I can hold it for the last seven weeks of the season. This is our fifth year playing, and although I finished first our first year, I've struggled somewhat the other years. Generally finished well, but it was hard work. Hopefully it will all pay off this year!

I can easily talk about baseball for a long time if you get me started. I really enjoy the sport, even if I think that the owners are nincompoops. I'll try to refrain from too much blather on the subject in this journal; I can usually get most of it out of my system on the Red Sox Mailing List.

Hey, look! It's my seventh entry! I've been at it a whole week! Now I can see about getting on the Open Pages list. Woo-hoo!
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