Sunday, 10 August 1997:

Lazy, Hazy (but not Crazy)

I had a mellow day today, waking up after 11 am. It was overcast all day, but it never got around to raining. Mildly humid, but cool, and comfortable enough that I turned off the A/C.

I had hoped to have lunch with my friend Karen, whom I helped move yesterday, but she had to rush to catch a plane to go back to New York, where she's working this summer. (Yes, she flew into town for a weekend just to move. Eesh. I don't envy her that.) So I spent the afternoon mainly sitting in front of the computer, doing graphics and stuff for my Web page.

It's strange the attitude people have towards travelling. There are people where I work who spend much of their time on the road, flying from city to city. I wonder if this numbs people a bit to the effects of moving. When I've been somewhere for a while - even just to Cape Cod, Massachusetts for a week with my parents - I'm always a little melancholy when we leave. The thought of blowing into town for a weekend and moving all my stuff to another place and then blowing out again is chilling to me.

We have a very mobile society. People don't seem to be as attached to their home towns as they once were. I'm not saying this is bad, but it is different. Once upon a time, it was "local boy makes good"; now it's "local boy moves from Florida to Seattle". SF author John Brunner looked at this phenomenon a little in his (mid-70s) novel The Shockwave Rider.

I'm not much of a traveller. I don't have a lot of drive to go see exotic places, or even other cities in the US. Especially if it involves flying (it's not flying that bothers me, it's airlines I can't stand). I do enjoy driving cross-country though. I've driven between Boston, Chicago and New Orleans - and some places between them - several times, and I enjoy driving around the Wisconsin countryside.

Someday I'd like to go back to England (I went to London with each of my parents in the mid-80s), though, see a few things in London, and then rent a car and drive around the countryside to see some of the stone circles.

I went to the Wild Iris Cafe for dinner. It's probably my favorite restaurant in Madison, specializing in pasta dishes, with yummy bread, soups and salads. I ordered the Thai Peanut Chicken. Once upon a time they had some absolutely delicious chocolate chip banana cake for dessert sometimes, but they haven't had it in years. Sigh.

Then I came home and watched a videotape of The Nightmare Before Christmas that I'd borrowed from a friend about six months ago. (I told you I don't watch much TV!) It was okay, but I'm not much of a Tim Burton fan (liked BeetleJuice, didn't care for Batman or Batman Returns), nor do I much like Danny Elfman's soundtracks. I guess it was lightly charming, but nothing special.

I have no physical tolerance for alcohol. I just had a shot of apple schnapps and my head is spinning!

Back to work tomorrow!

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